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Guiding Beginner Triathletes into the World of Sprint and Mini Triathlons
If you have already decided to train for your first triathlon or you are still tire-kicking the idea, here are a list of tips written in couch-potato language that will get you to through the basics. Remember, it takes as long as 6-9 months to prepare for your first triathlon, so you have to plan ahead!

Quick-Click tips for beginner triathletes preparing for their first mini-triathlon or seasoned triathletes looking for new resources:

Triathlon Swim – Get the low-down on swim gear, find info on safe water workouts and read tips for training and events. We understand that this is the scariest part for most people and want to ease your fears!

Triathlon Bike – Learn everything you need by reading tips on how to structure safe bike workouts riding solo and within a group during a race. You’ll also find gear recommendations that will keep your bum from aching.

Triathlon Run– Get the ultimate skinny on running sneakers, running gear, safety tips and much more. You’ll also learn valuable race tips and rules that may differ from how you train.

Triathlon Training Resources – Training guides we recommend for you.

Great Triathlon Articles to Educate and Inspire You!

Triathlon Race Day – A play-by-play account on what to expect from the swim, bike and run on race day, told from a racer’s point of view.

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Quick-Click tips for beginner triathletes preparing for their first mini-triathlon:

A great ebook for first-time triathletes!

“Triathlete Profile
Read interviews of people like YOU who give advice on training, balance and much more.

Triathlon Q&A – Questions from YOU, Answers from

Great Triathlon ResourcesRecommended books, gyms and training groups we’ve found along the way.

Taking Care of Your Swim Gear Learn how to properly take care of your swim gear so that it will be around for a while.

We are always interested in your feedback, so please let us know what you think about the list!

There are Newbies Starting Triathlons Every Day. Today Just Happens to be YOUR Day!