Best Bike for Your First Triathlon

Triathlon Event  Hi, I just finished my last year as a collegiate swimmer and I want to start doing tris so i signed up for one but i don’t have a bike yet what do you recommend. I have been told to get a road bike because I’m new at it. While my uncle tel me if I’m planning to do more tri’s and longer ones (which I’m thinking about) i mind as well get a tri bike.

Steven from California

Triathlon Event  Hi Steven,
Thank you for contacting and welcome to the world of mini-triathlons!

We get this question very frequently, so you’re in good company. We always recommend that you start off small and upgrade when you’ve officially been bitten by the triathlon bug for a couple of reasons:

  1. As a beginner triathlete you haven’t had any time to sample the sport and really don’t know what kind of bike suits you. If you spend a season on an inexpensive road bike, you can look around at what others are riding, ask questions and then be totally educated when you make your investment. You may stick with a road bike that has more bells and whistles or you may go with a tri bike.
  2. You don’t even know if you are going to love the sport yet. It would be a shame to invest in a tri bike or a top-on-the-line road bike only to find out that you want to run marathons or swim masters level swimming.

We’re anticipating that your next question will be: Will an inexpensive road bike make or break my first event? The answer is no. You are going to be facing new an exciting challenges at every turn that your bike (assuming all of its gears are in working order and you are comfortable riding it) will NOT make a difference in the overall event.

You uncle is correct; if you decide that you love the sport and want to compete in longer distance triathlons, you will want to upgrade and get a road bike or tri bike that will handle the miles you’ll be logging. For the first triathlon though, just concentrate on just finishing the event and then raise your goals from there!

Best of luck on your first triathlon. Please email us with your First Triathlon Story and we’ll post it to inspire others!

Be well.
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