Body Temperature and Triathlons

Triathlon Event  I’m just getting into triathlon training without any particular race in mind. The one thing that has kept me from racing body temperature. I’m an extremely cold person – i mean extremely – and suffer from Raynaud’s syndrom. I’m a runner by trade and find that there are always ways to compensate to a degree with clothing – but have no idea what to do for the water. I’m currently training in an outdoor heated pool through the fall/winter and find that my body temp is only hurting my performance.

So here’s my question – clothing. What can I do aside from a full on wetsuit to keep warm? Trisuits don’t often have sleeves and rash guards are often looser to my knowledge. Any suggestions would be great!! Also – biking gloves? Rainy and chilly weather.


Kim from BC, Canada

Triathlon EventHi Kim,

We’re so sorry to hear about your issues with body temperature, but we are thrilled that you are still trying a triathlon anyways.

I think that your only option for warmth while swimming outdoors is a full wetsuit. There are triathlons that are held indoors in pools, stationary bikes and treadmills. Perhaps that’s the best route for you in terms of being warm and still competing comfortably.

Please let us know what you end up doing so that we can post it for others who may be dealing with the same issues as you.

Be well.

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