Bricks for Triathlon Training

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The Brick is one of the all-time classic triathlon training workouts.  It is a core workout that should be done by triathletes training for any race distance.  The Brick is simply a Bike-Run workout, nothing too complicated, but oh so effective.

Brick Workout Run

A good Brick workout is key to the workout plan for triathletes of any skill level.

We recommend working a Brick into your workouts about once a week, once you have built a decent base of biking and running.  Doing so will help you get stronger and faster in both sports, and will make your legs quickly adjust to the motion of running after cycling.  That adjustment is something that only comes with practice — it can feel a little weird at first.

As you get 3-4 weeks out from your race, you should definitely be doing a brick each week.  Because it is a little longer workout, it can be great for your weekend training days.

Our favorite Brick workouts are pretty simple, and we list some of our favorites below.  Just be sure to simulate as best you can an actual race.  Try not to let much time go by in between the bike and run.  Do a transition just like you would for T2 — practicing this will also help improve your T2 time.

A few of our favorite Brick workouts:

For a Sprint or Mini Triathlon Distance:

  • Do a 15 mile bike ride at a pace just a little slower than your desired race pace.  Finish it off with a 1-mile run, close to your race pace.
  • Do a 12 mile bike ride at a pretty good clip, near race pace.  Transition quickly to a 2-mile run at a moderate pace.

For an Olympic Triathlon Distance:

  • Do an 18-mile bike ride, pushing along at a clip not far off your race pace. Transition quickly to a run, and go 2-3 miles.
  • Do a 25-mile ride.  Transition to a 1 or 1.5-mile run.  This workout is one you can do a couple times a week.  Its purpose is to get your legs used to the first mile of running after a race-distance ride.

Whatever your distance and ability, integrating Bricks into your triathlon training will no doubt make race day easier, faster, and funner. Recommended Resources:


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