Confused with Triathlon Gear

Triathlon Event  ‘m participating in my first tri this august and I’m still a little confused on what to wear. I’m looking into a two piece swim suit or tri suit but then do I just keep that on for the bike and run with like a pair of shorts over it? If so ar

their any swim suits that are also supportive like sports bras?

Gina from Illinios

Triathlon Event  Hi Gina,,
Thank you for contacting!

Triathlon gear can get a bit confusing, so we appreciate this question. You will wear a trisuit OR a swim suit. If you have a trisuit on, you can proceed through the bike and run without adding or subtracting any gear (except helmet, bike shoes and sneakers).

If you wear a swim suit, you can proceed through the rest of the triathlon as though you were wearing a trisuit, but we suggest that you add biking shorts for the bike portion and either biking shorts or running shorts for the run. It’s more comfortable with the added gear.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to get support for the two girls with a one piece swim suit and trisuit, so we recommend that you wear a sports bra under the suit. You can also try out two piece swim suits and see if there are any that work. Check out “Supporting “The Two Girls” A GREAT Bra for Triathletes” for more information.

Best of luck on your first triathlon and enjoy!

Be well.
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