Don't Train Through Pain

Triathlon EventHi Gang,

I haven’t been here for awhile. But thought I’d share about this season. I ended up doing a grand toatl of ZERO tri’s this season. Though I had planned on three sprints and my first Oly. Last winter during training, my hip started hurting, especially on the runs. I nursed it along for a few weeks. But it hurt so badly, that I ended up stopping training completely. I could barely walk some days. After a couple months, the pain had nearly vanished, so I eased back into training. After all, spring was right around the corner, and my first sprint was getting closer. But after a few days, my hip flared up again. Swimming was OK, but biking hrt, and I’d get a quarter mile into the run and be finished. Finally my wife convinced me to get to the doctor and get it checked.

Well, turns out my hip had turned arthritic on me! I was flabbergasted. I’m too young for arthritis? Now what? Will I ever get to do a tri again? But my docctor, who is wonderful, and I developed a plan to get me back up to speed. It includes shedding some pounds, some meds, and some strength training. But this season was over before it began. If it gets much worse, I’ll have to replace the hip. But I’m determined to get back to triathlons. One day.

Until then, I’m a swimming machine. I’m up to three miles in an hour and a half. Hopefullly by next season I’ll be ready for a sprint or two. But by golly, I’m going to get an oly in if I have to crawl the run!

– John

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