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Triathlon Event  I am training for my first triathlon. My training program has me work for so many minutes throughout the week. I am training for an olympic distance and when I train on the bike I’m able to bike over double the distance that is required. I am early in the training and as I go my minutes on the bike are going to go up. Should I continue to follow the program or scale back my biking and concentrate on the other phases? Thanks for any help you can provide, this site is awesome.

Alex from Wisconsin

Triathlon Event  Hi Alex,
Thank you for contacting and thanks for the kind words!

Great Question. We suggest that you follow the guide but slightly modify the biking distance when you feel the spirit move you. The one thing you want to keep in mind is that training is a balance between resting and working out your body. They work in tandem, so be sure you aren’t overdoing on your biking days because you will have to swim or run the next day and will need the strength and energy to complete those workouts.

Be well.
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