Mentally Ready for your Triathlon?

Triathlon Event  My first sprint triathlon is on Saturday morning. Physically I am ready. Mentally I am struggling. Any suggestions?

Nathan from Utah

Triathlon Event  Hi Nathan,
Thank you for contacting!

Don’t get yourself psyched out before you start the race.

You need a lesson in cognitive behavior, my friend! Take the race in bite-size, chewable pieces otherwise you’ll choke! Think about the swim and say, “I trained for the swim am prepared.” Look at the bike and say, “I trained for the bike and I can complete it with no problems.” Look at the run and say, “I trained for the run and, even if I am tired during it, I know I can complete it and cross the finish line.”

Say them out loud (or something else positive and constructive) every time you get doubtful and we promise your brain will begin to learn what your body already knows: YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Please let us know how it goes and best of luck.

Be well.
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