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Triathlete Profile: Mick

Understanding how to balance life with triathlon training, family and job responsibilities is the key to being successful in your triathlon journey. Read the profile below to see how he does it!

Meet Mick:

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    1. How long have you been doing triathlons?

I have been racing multisport for over 10 years. I entered and won my first triathlon in 2000; it was an indoor race sponsored by the University of Dayton Triathlon Club. I was not able to repeat that effort in my next race, because it was the Chicago Triathlon. Needless to say I feel in love with the sport and I have been racing even since.

    1. How do you balance your workouts with family/job responsibilities?

Balance is essential to multisport training and racing, so I commit time each day to training. I have found that making time for training helps reduce stress and it helps me focus on my family and my job. My wife, Nicole LaSelle, is a professional duathlete, so that helps. She works out every day, so we often share time running and biking. We really enjoy going for a long ride or run through a local park, and then share a meal. It helps when you can share your training with your family.

    1. What inspired you to try a triathlon?

I started off as a collegiate runner and in graduate school I joined the University of Dayton Triathlon Club looking for training partners. They introduced me to cycling and swimming and I found the cross training both challenging and fun. After my first multisport event I was hooked.

    1. What do you consider the most challenging part of a triathlon?

The swim is the most challenging part of a triathlon for me, but my transition times need the most work. My teammates joke that my transitions time are so slow that I must be posing for pictures and signing autographs in there. With regard to swimming, I grew up running and I find swimming tough to master. Also, I get really nervous at the start of a race and I use visualization to make sure I do not go into oxygen debt early in the race. I have found the more time I spend working on my swim, the more comfortable I feel, but it still hard for me. I just need to keep at it.

    1. What advice can you give to newbies?

The triathlon takes a lifetime to master, so when you are starting out, have fun with it and be patient with yourself. You may find you are good at one or two parts, but combining all three into a great race is tough. Join a triathlon club and talk with people who have competed before; there are loads of great resources out there to guide you. You can improve your swimming by working on your stroke. The more miles you bike, the faster you will get. Spinning or riding on a trainer can be a great way to build your base in the off-season. Running intervals is the best way to enhance your run and brick workouts help you run stronger at the end of a triathlon. Finally, strength training can offer your training an additional boost.

    1. What’s next for you?

I am going to focus on duathlons, cycling and running this season. My wife and I are going to race at the U.S. Duathlon National Championships and I am going to compete for Team Dayton Cycling and the Mattress Innovations running team. I am also going to host the Zoom Triathlon & Duathlon Championship Series on June 17, July 22 and August 12, 2012 at Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville, Ohio. This three race series features a 1000yd-swim/2ml-run, 18ml-bike, and 4ml-run course that is safe, repeatable and spectator friendly. These three identical races are the only races in the U.S. where each race is the same distance at the same place, so athletes can track their progress throughout the season. I wanted to give back the triathlon community and offer more opportunities to race in the Midwest. This sport has helped me so much that I want to provide a great race for others. So, join us for high quality race series, thousands in door prizes, and a chance to compete for individual and team glory. More information can be found at Zoom Racing.

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