My First Triathlon - I Think I Caught the Bug!n

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  • How long have you been training for your triathlon? I actually only started running for real in late March. The swimming started in late April and the biking in June. All this was prompted by a nuber of factors: new gym with a lap pool, a daughter who started an exercise program and to better my time doing the Warrior Dash.

  1. How do you balance workouts with family/job responsibilities? It is tough! But manage to work out in the morning on the weekends and early evenings during the weekdays. The one exception is swimming which I do at approximately 9:30 – 11:00 pm. Strange but I find the swimming very relaxing and it does not affect my ability to go to sleep right afterward.

  2. What inspired you to try a triathlon?The challenge and the fact that it incorporates different sports.

  3. What is the best advice you can give a newbie?Don’t give up and challenge yourself by setting mini goals.

  4. What is your favorite workout?Swimming as I mentioned because it is so relaxing yet exhausting at the same time.

  5. Where and when is your first triathlon? What is the distance?First tri is a mini (400m, 10km,2.5km) in Bracebridge, Ontario August 8th.


  1. How does your pre-triathlon vision compare with what the actual event? It was tougher than I expected.

  2. What was your favorite part of your first triathlon?

    Finishing! Honestly the way I felt coming out of the water I did not think I would finish the race.

  3. What was the most challenging part of your first triathlon?The swim. I went full out at the beginning because of adrenaline and wanting to pass some people. Big mistake. I had to stop half way through the course for a couple of big breaths. Coming out of the water my legs were wonky and really unsteady on my feet.

  4. What advice would you give a newbie now that you’ve completed your first triathlon? Train twice as hard for each discipline.

  5. What’s next for you?Next try a tri is Sept 1st. I think i have caught the bug!

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