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Triathlon Event If you’ve never done laps in a public pool, how can you begin to tell how fast a lane you should pick? I swam laps last year in my complex’s pool, but it was smaller than normal and I didn’t time myself. Where do I start?

Kathie from Colorado

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Good Question! It makes sense that you don’t know how fast you look from the deck having never watched yourself swim!

Here’s what we’d do: Get into one of the slower lanes and start there. If you find that you are faster than the people swimming in that lane, simply change lanes to the next fastest lane. Be sure that you don’t change mid-lane; climb out at the end and stand in front of the lane in which you will be entering so that the occupants know you are about to join them.

If you find that you are faster than this lane, keep changing until you are in a lane where people are moving at your speed.

Over the next couple of pool visits, you’ll start recognising the swimmers that swim the same speed as you and you’ll have no problems gauging the best lane to swim in.

We don’t know if you read this article, but it’s a good one!

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