Triathlete Profiles

Understanding how to balance life with triathlon training, family and job responsibilities is the key to being successful in your triathlon journey.

  • Brendan Dooley The actual event was over so quick and I was ready to do more.
  • Mick -I have found that making time for training helps reduce stress and it helps me focus on my family and my job.
  • Ben Luster -Life can get very busy with work, family and everything else that comes our way on a daily basis. Trying to fit in…
  • David Salem: -Three pieces of advice he can offer newbies.
  • Scott – I was expecting I’d enjoy it once I made through the finish, that I would be too worried about just finishing, but I enjoyed the entire experience.
  • Carey West – -I will definately do more sprint triathlons before deciding if I am going to move on to longer events. I will still be training for more marathons.
  • John Shaffer – I’ll see my mantra on my training calendar “The only workout you’ll regret is the one you don’t do” and banish the whining in my head and just GO DO IT!
  • Kimberly Morehead – -rain in conditions that are most like the race including swimming in open water. If you don’t get a chance to, just remember to relax.
  • Loreen Jenson – Start swimming in open water as early and often as possible. Getting in open water for the first time can be really scary, so make sure that happens long before race day.
  • Louise kelaher – Just try it, I just made it my mission to get through one section at a time, as i knew I could do all the sections individually, at start, my mission was to get through the swim, that’s all I focused on..
  • Matt Russell – As a single dad, fully employed, and busy person in general…training can become difficult to fit in.
  • Michelle Lenox – The variety in a tri appeals to me, especially since I get bored with running too quickly.
  • Mickey Rzymek – Who doesn’t like a nice brick workout on a sunny summer day. Starting with a bike ride, then a run and finish with a open water swim with some friends..
  • Nancy Wilson -Don’t go it alone. If possible train with a coach or a club. It’s a lot more fun and chances are you will stick to your training a lot better if you have others to track you and hold you accountable
  • Seth Franke -I keep a schedule taped to the refrigerator so i can eye my daily workout every morning, and at every meal. I plan a few weeks ahead what i’ll do for that day, and i usually give myself enough time to spend with family..
  • Todd Gober -It’s all about balance! In fact, I’m more balanced now and living a fuller life than ever before. Triathlete is not just a sport, it’s a way of life.
  • Todd Jenson – The only goal you should have for your first race is to finish with a smile on your face. Don’t be concerned about your time or place.
  • Tripp Norton -Have fun! If it is not fun then stop, there is too much training involved for you not to be enjoying it.

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