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Triathlon SwimTriathlon Race Day
Experience a Triathlon
Without Getting Wet

Today is the day you've been training for.

Read a step by step, first-hand account of an ENTIRE triathlon.
This account is the next best thing to actually being in a race

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Triathlon SwimSwim - Get the low-down on gear, workouts and read tips for training and events.

Triathlon BikeBike - Learn how to structure bike workouts, find safety tips and read recommendations on great bike gear.

Triathlon RunRun - Get the ultimate skinny on running sneakers, running gear, safety tips and much more.

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Beginner Triathlete Basics
Quick-Click tips for beginner triathletes preparing for their first mini-triathlon:

Why should I Compete in a Triathlon?

How do I Train for a Triathlon?

What do I Wear for a Triathlon?

What happens on Race Day?

What are Average Triathlon Times?

Triathlon Stories to Inspire You

"First Triathlon" Stories
Read stories written by people like YOU who talk about their first triathlon.
  Triathlete Profile
Read interviews of people like you who give advice on training, balance and much more.

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