Triathlete Profile: Seth Franke

Understanding how to balance life with triathlon training, family and job responsibilities is the key to being successful in your triathlon journey.

This profile showcases a beginner triathlete BEFORE and AFTER his first triathlon.

Meet Seth:

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  1. How long have you been doing triathlons?
    I just started training for my first triathlon this summer. So right now, i’m at the end of month two! So far though, i’m loving it. Running always got a little boring for me, but now with the added challenge of the swim and bike, i’m even enjoying running more. I plan to find/join a club once i get situated back at school, to find others who share the passion of Triathlons

  2. How do you balance workouts with family/job responsibilities?
    I keep a schedule taped to the refrigerator so i can eye my daily workout every morning, and at every meal. I plan a few weeks ahead what i’ll do for that day, and i usually give myself enough time to spend with family. As a full time student, I have to be a little creative with my scheduling, sometimes i won’t be able to run/bike before classes, so i’ll get a quick workout before dinner; Or i’ll run in between my afternoon classes. I never get down on myself for missing a workout, because, sometimes my body needs the rest, even though my mind won’t admit it. Most of my friends and family understand the time commitment that training can be, but they will occasionally kidnap me and “Force” some fun on me

  3. What inspired you to try a triathlon?
    I came home from school aching to get back in good athletic shape. I slacked off a little the first few semesters at school, but i was tired of being tired and out of shape. I play on the Club Baseball team at my School and I wanted to show up to the next semester’s practices a different person, (athletically, of course.) So i researched sports i could use to train with, and a Triathlon seemed like the best choice. So far (after a few months) i feel better, i have more energy to do other things, and I’ve even gained some muscle “tonage”

  4. What is the best advice you can give a newbie?
    Don’t hesitate to schedule your workouts, even if you just quickly sit down during the weekend to plan the week’s routes/workouts you’ll be able to chart your progress. I was super motivated after the first week of training when i looked back and compared my distances and times, and could see the improvement. It’s a huge confidence builder

  5. What is your favorite workout?
    Every once and a while, to switch up the training, and to catch my muscles off guard, i’ll do a swim/run brick workout. I live by the beach, so i’ll swim about 3/4 mile then sprint out of the water and run a 3-4 mile loop on the beach. Running on the sand feels great (and kills the legs!), and after i’m done, i’ll dive back in the water to cool off. It’s awesome!

  6. Where and when is your first triathlon? What is the distance?
    September 10, 2011. Nashville, Tennessee. NashVegas Olympic Triathlon.

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