Swim Cap Leaving Red Lines On Your Forehead?

Triathlon Event  Help! Despite the expensive silicone swim cap and my small head, I emerge from the pool with an indentation line running across my forehead that suggests something much more sinister than swimmer’s cap, like maybe brain surgery! The “scar” lasts for hours…and hours. I’d love to swim in the morning but I can’t possibly go to work looking like this! Any suggestions? Thanks!

Shannon from British Columbia

Triathlon EventHi Shannon,

Thank you for contacting TriathaNewbie.com!

Normally, you get a line on your forehead and it disappears shortly after you take off your swim cap. It’s definitely no fun walking around with a big line on your head at work, so our suggestion is that you try these ideas and see what works:

  1. If you have thick or long hair squished in a ponytail at the back of your head, it might be making your cap stretch more. Perhaps there is a different way to configure your hair so that it is on the top of your head and doesn’t pull the front of your cap so tight against your forehead.

  2. Consider trying a different swim cap. Luckily, the non-silicone ones are inexpensive and you won’t be out too much money if you are unable to find one.

  3. This one is a reach, but maybe you can wear a bandana or something to cushiony under your cap and see if it alleviates the line

Please let us know what ends up working and we’ll post it for others who have the same trouble. We’ll also ask the question on out Facebook page and see if anyone out there has any solutions.

Be well.
TriathaNewbie.com staff

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