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Often triathletes will get in the pool, swim a mile, and they have completed their swim workout. Lap swimming can become tedious and boring. Furthermore, if you want to swim fast, you need to train fast. The best way to do that is with a specific swim workout. Here is how to do a swim workout:

A Warm Up is important to enhance performance and prevent injury. You should warm up a minimum of 200 yards.

The Main Set is the workout of the workout. You will do repeats of various distances on a certain interval (see pace clock section below) depending upon your goals of the workout. Some workouts you may be working on speed, other workouts you may be working on endurance.

You may want to incorporate some Drills into your workout.

You should also include a Cool Down (warm down, recovery swimming, active rest). This is usually easy to moderate swimming. It helps you get rid of excess lactic acid, reduce your heart rate and relax.

Most workouts depend on using a clock with a second hand. It can be your waterproof watch, a clock on the wall large enough to see the second hand, or a pace clock, a big clock face set out on the pool deck that does not tell you what time it is, but rather how much time has gone by since it was started.

Sample Workout:

Warm Up: 300 free
Drills: left arm 25, right arm 25, catch up 25, swim 25 repeat
Main Set: 2 x 200 (20 second rest- determine your interval)
6×100 (10 second rest- determine your interval)
8×50 (10 second rest- determine your interval)
Cool Down: 100 Moderate

Total Yards: 2000

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