Triathlete Profile: Todd Gober

Understanding how to balance life with triathlon training, family and job responsibilities is the key to being successful in your triathlon journey.

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Meet Todd:

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  1. How long have you been doing triathlons?
    I’m a new triathlete. I’ve only done one Sprint Triathlon and finished way better than I expected. I started training about 8 months ago. I lost right at 100 pounds and am the most athletic I have ever been in my life. I feel like a kid again.

  2. How do you balance workouts with family/job responsibilities?
    It’s all about balance! In fact, I’m more balanced now and living a fuller life than ever before. Triathlete is not just a sport, it’s a way of life. It has forced me to be more aware of how I choose to spend my time and focus on the quality of this time rather than the quantity. I’m also more aware of my nutrition and the importance it has in my health and training. I’ve developed a routine that works for me. Early morning workouts, full day of work, and time with my wife at nights. Longer workouts on days off combined with house chores and fun-time with my wife and church. I’m more focused on living “fuller” which has led to me being much happier.

  3. Do you have a favorite triathlon moment (event or training)?
    Finishing my first triathlon was my greatest moment thus far. Inspiring my wife to get active has been my greatest reward. We train together almost everyday, even if it’s just walking. I like doing mini-triathlons for my training. I especially enjoy the long “endurance” workouts (1 hour swim, 1 hour bike, 1 hour run). The feeling I get after these workouts is incredible.

  4. What is the best advice you can give a newbie?
    If you’re thinking about giving triathlon a shot, DO! It’s not about standing on the podium or finishing the top of your age group. It’s about completing a very achievable physical goal. The confidence you will gain will be much greater than just getting physically in shape. Start out slow. Set your own pace. When you start feeling good about your progress, push yourself just a little bit more. Before you know it, you’ll be physically stronger, mentally sharper and having fun again just like you did when you were a kid.

  5. What is your favorite workout?
    Meeting other triathletes has been a great blessing also. It’s inspirational and motivational to meet others with similar goals and to watch their success as well. I’ve gained a lot of information and education from fellow triathletes which has reduced my level of intimidation and fear of not knowing what to expect. Turns out, most of what I feared the most has never happened.

  6. What’s next for you?
    Having met my first goal of completing a triathlon, I want to do more of them. I plan to spend my “rookie” year in the Sprint level events and work my way into the “Olympic” level next season. Staying consistent in training and helping others like myself is my main mission. I continue to amaze myself! I never knew I could do this and am so happy that I did. And to think what all I’d be missing if I’d stayed in front of the TV. Live Life to the Fullest!

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