15 Tips for Beginner Triathletes That Will Shave Time Off Your Next Race

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By Tripp Norton, USAT Certified Coach, Owner of Endure 3 Sports,

  1. Pick triathlon clothing that you can wear in all three disciplines without changing. This will help with speeding up your transition time greatly.
  2. Buy a race belt. A race belt for your race number is one of the fastest knock of minutes off your time without having to increase fitness.
  3. Practice Transitions. During the last two weeks of your training schedule before the race is a great way to having a great transition.
  4. When training for swim having good form is more important than swim fitness. Speed will come after form is perfected. practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.
  5. Get your bike fitted by a professional. A good bike fit will give you more power while also increasing your comfort. Not all bikes are meant to fit every person – most bike shops do this – most local bike shops or USAT training centers do great jobs.
  6. Do as many group rides as possible to gain cycling etiquette as well as comfort of riding around other riders
  7. Know how and when to shift – Learn how to shift before going out on the road.
  8. Learn to change a flat tire – local bike shop or You Tube are great resources.
  9. Get a great pair of running shoes designed for your running style – There are hundreds of stores dedicated to fitting you with the proper running shoe based on your running style. Never buy running shoe from places such as Sports Authority or Dicks Sporting goods unless you have had a professional running store fit you first.
  10. 10% Rule – Never increase more than 10% per week in training. The cardiovascular system adapts to faster than muscles, ligaments and tendons. Only increase volume, duration and distance by no more than 10% per week.
  11. Consistency counts – a half hour every day is better than one hour every other day.
  12. Learn to run without an iPod. USAT does not allow you to have headphones when racing so why use one in training? You will only become dependent.
  13. BRICKS – Run after every bike session to simulate the bike to run transition with ease even if it is only for 5 min. Bricks are a key workout to becoming a great triathlon runner.
  14. Scout the course – Before race day drive or ride the bike course at least once to gain an understanding of where the turns and hills are on the course.
  15. Have Fun – If your not having fun doing triathlons your time would be better spent doing something else. Recommended Resources:



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