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Triathlon Event  I am a 70 year old female. Need to find the times for swim, bike run for my age group.. if there is a group of women my age who do this fun stuff. I have done a triathlon before and am trying to get a friend to work out with me. Age does not matter. Just putting your toes up to the starting line is what counts. My daughter will join me for races. I do want to be as competive as possible. I would write an article about competing at my age, but I need to really get moving here. So… where do I get race times? It is just so much fun.

Raechel from Colorado

Triathlon Event  Hi Raechel
Thank you for contacting!

We’re so happy that you are considering your first triathlon at 70 yrs old — that should be inspiration enough to all of our younger newbies to get up off of that couch and try a triathlon!

Regarding average triathlon times, this is a really tough question to answer.

First of all, times vary from age group to age group and within that, it varies on gender. From there, every single triathlon course is different. Very few mini-triathlons are exactly the same distance and the terrain differs vastly between races.

For example, ocean swims tend to be the longest due to currents and waves. Lake and pond swims have fewer obstacles and swim much more smoothly. The biking and running depends on whether the course has many hills, few hills, intense hills, rolling hills or no hills. It also depends on whether the race is on-road or off-road.

Another factor that can play a huge part in your finish-time is weather. You can actually participate in the same mini-triathlon several times, have different weather conditions and get very different times.

Our suggestion is that you research the the times from the race by going to race website and looking at the previous year’s results. Find your gender and age group and get a range of times, but be kind to yourself and run your own race — don’t compare. Triathlons are an individual sport and should be based on the individual. Remember, only one person comes in first, then there is the rest of us!

Please send over your thoughts after you’ve completed your race! We’d love to use them to inspire our readers!

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