Bathroom Needs During a Triathlon Event

Triathlon Event  What happens if you have to go to the bathroom? I am really worried that I will drink so much water during the bike that I will have to use the bathroom. Do you stop or just stick it out?.

Katherine from Minnesota

Triathlon Event  Hi Katherine,
Thank you for contacting!

You should be proud for signing up for your first triathlon (Yahoo!) and we’re happy to give our pee guidelines! We’re sure more people have this question but are just too afraid to ask.

    1. Hydrate before the race, but don’t go overboard. You can still hydrate during the bike and run, which we strongly recommend that you do.

    2. Use the bathroom before the event starts.
    3. Swim: Pee in the water while you are racing if you still really have to go.
    4. Transition: If you see a port-o-potty in the transition area, feel free to use it.
    5. Bike/Run: If you need to pull over and squat on the side of the road, it’s your call. We don’t recommend it as most states/towns have Indecent Exposure Laws and this would fall under that category.

Sprint Triathlons are so short that you should be able to follow these guidelines and not have any worries. However, if Mother Nature is calling you to do something other than pee, you will need to find a port-o-potty — there are just no other options there.

Be well.
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