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Triathlon Event Hello There, I just recently got into running, and would like to take my fitness to the next level and take on a Triathalon. The biggest leg I worry about is the swim. I’ve never been a swimmer and my version of “swimming” is not drowning. Any advice on where to start training for the swim, and do you know of any mini triathalons in the Chicago area next spring? My goal is to be ready by late April or early May. And the bike that I have is a cheap “Wal-Mart” mountain bike. Advice in this area would be appreciated also.

Thanks for your time,

Todd from Illinois

Triathlon Event  Hi Todd,
Thank you for contacting and congratulations on making the decision to enter the sport!

Swimming always the toughest part of the triathlon for non-swimmmers for both physical and mental reasons. One, you need to learn the proper stroke so that you are efficient and get through the water with ease and two, you need to be mentally prepared to swim in open water. Luckily, both can be cured with practice!

We have a swim video that we recommed to all of our swimmers, both new and advanced:

There are a few different videos you can take a look at once you click into the link. We’ve used Total Immersion videos for ourselves and they are great!

Regarding the bike, we ALWAYS suggest that you buy a bike at a local bike shop for a few reasons:

  1. They specialize in bikes (you wouldn’t buy a car at Walmart, so why would you buy a bike?)
  2. They will pick the proper bike for you and adjust it to fit YOU.
  3. They really care about your happiness because they are a small business and want you to keep coming back.
  4. They offer used models, off the rack models and custom models.
  5. They can hook you up with local cycling groups for training because they are in the cycling loop.
  6. They normally participate in the sport of cycling, so they can give you some great advice based on actual experience.
  7. They will be available for future maintenance and upgrades.
    It’s really a win-win for everyone!
    Read more in our Triathlon Bike section to find more information on picking the best bike.

Lastly, check out our Triathlon Event: Illinois page for events. the schedules for next year are not out, but most triathlons run annually. You can pick a few that interest you and check them after the first of the year for their schedules.

Be well.
~Jack staff Recommended Resources:


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