Benefits of a Tri Suit

Triathlon Event   What’s the advantage of using a Tri-Suit?

   Can I swim, bike and run in it without having to change at the transition points?

Todd from Tennessee

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Let’s start here:

Do you need a Tri Suit to participate in a triathlon?

No, a tri suit is a “nice to have”.

You can participate using basic gear, such as a swim suits, biking shorts and running shorts. You can also nix the running shorts and run in your swim suit.  In fact, most newer triathletes do not worry about a tri suit at all.  They wait until they have built a certain level of skill and speed, or plan to do longer triathlons, before investing in a specific triathlon suit.

Borrow a friend’s wetsuit and It is a cost-effective option for a newbie who is tire-kicking the sport.

Are there benefits to having a Tri Suit?

Blueseventy makes our favorite lineup of triathlon suits.

Yes, you can swim, bike and run in one without needing to spend time changing gear during the transitions.

  • Be sure to wear one that is snug, but not too snug that it impairs your movement in any way. You want to be comfortable but not catching any air or water pockets in the clothing during the different legs of the race

  • They don’t offer buoyancy.

  • They do offer some padding in the butt for the bike leg.

  • For cold swims, you’d also need to buy or borrow a wetsuit (wetsuits offer boyancy).

  • Tri Suits are a slightly more expensive route to go, but worth it if your caught the triathlon bug.

For women reading this post, the answers to the questions are the same, but they make different Tri-Suits for women.

Please be sure to write again and tell us about race. Your story could inspire beginner triathlete to try their first sprint/mini-triathlon!

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