Best Triathlon Bike for a Beginner Triathlete

Triathlon Event  I am trying to help my husband be successful in his first mini-triathalon. What kind of Treks or Raleigh bike should we be looking at?
Please help.

Shannon from an undiscolsed loaction

Triathlon Event  Hi Shannon,
Thank you for contacting!

First off, the Raleighs and Treks are great brands. Here are some things you should consider while looking for the perfect one for your husband:

  1. Price. Make sure that you are buying in the lower price ranges. Where this is your husband’s first triathlon, you don’t want to invest heavily into the bike only to have him move onto marathons or sky-diving.

  2. Type. If the triathlon is on the road, buy a road bike. If the triathlon is off-road, buy a mountain bike. If you want this bike to be an all-purpose bike, buy a hybrid. The store can help you find the best bike if you tell them what your plan for the bike is.

  3. Fit. Be sure that the bike shop fits the bike to your husband. We suggest that you buy from a small bike shop (go small business) to ensure the best fit. They order the right size and then adjust it to fit the person.

We hope this information helps you and your husband and we’d love to hear about his first triathlon after the race. It just may inspire one more triathletes to get off the couch and try a triathlon!.

Be well,
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