Bike and Swim Questions from a Beginner Triathlete

Triathlon Event I would like to start training for my first mini-triathlon. I’m a real beginner, and I have 2 questions. I do not have easy access to a bike path where I live. Can I train on a stationary bike? If so, what settings should it be on to mimic an actual ride? The part that I am most nervous about is the swim. I am a beginner swimmer, and I don’t know at what point I can say that I am “ready” for the race. What should I be able to do as a swimmer before race day?

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Jen from New Jersey

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We think you should take a few minutes to read our Triathlon Swim and Triathlon Bike sections. We are sure they will answer the two questions you’ve asked and the others that will come up once you start training.

  • Triathlon Swim (an excerpt) Practice Distance:Most triathletes have the toughest time with swimming and they get in a bit over their head. Be sure you can swim at least 100 yards further than the distance of your race before you participate in your first triathlon. Group swimming is very different than lane swimming and open water has currents, waves and no lines on the ground to follow; so you end up swimming further than you think.
  • Triathlon Bike (an excerpt) Training indoors – You can join a gym and take spin classes. Spin is not an equal alternative for training on a real bike, but it’s a nice option for winter months if you live in snow-infested country. Be sure that you get some time on the road when the sun comes out because you will need to learn to deal with road conditions, weather conditions, your bike quirks and riding with other people/road traffic. You can also invest in a Indoor Bicycle Trainer. It’s a stand that you can put your bike on and ride in your own house in front of your own TV or stereo. It’s very cool!

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