Bike Selection for a Beginner Triathlete

Triathlon Event  Are there any bikes that are not allowed in a triathlon? Do people often use more advanced bikes? I am thinking of signing up for a mini one, and this will be my first one.

Pernilla from Virginia

Triathlon Event  Hi Pernilla,
Thank you for contacting!

We believe that all bikes are allowed but it would be tough to travel ten miles on a unicycle, so you might not want to dig that out of your attic to use. Just kidding! Seriously, you can use a mountain bike, road bike, old grandma bike with a basket or a low-rider with a banana seat and handlebar tassels. Our concern is that it’s safe. Take it to your local bike shop (go small business) and have them give it a check up to make sure it can get you from week 1 training to the finish line. From there you can decide if you want to upgrade to a better model.

Be well.
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