Zoot Calf Sleeves in Water Supporting "The Two Girls" A GREAT Bra for Triathletes

Triathlon Event  I’m preparing to do my first sprint triathlon and am having a terrible time trying to figure out what to wear. I am a 36DD and can’t find anything supportive enough to wear to swim , bike and run. Any suggestions? I normally wear two bras to run but I don’t think that will work for the swim.

Diane from Oklahoma

Triathlon Event  Hi Diane,
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We’ve actually had many emails regarding this very same issue and we got a recommendation from a reader. See below:

Hi There!
Just wanted to comment on the bra situation for well endowed ladies! First off get a good bra — no anything they sell in sports stores or anything that has a trendy name — go to a bra shop and get a proper fitting. Get what is known as a “cone” bra (sounds very Madonna I know!) — but isolates each of the girls on their own side of things and keeps things stable. One great brand is “Lunaire” — I can do just about anything in that bra (even jumping jacks!) with no movement whatsoever! I used to hate exercise because I couldn’t find a good bra to support things — but finding the proper equipment made all the difference! Hope this helps!

Michele from Canada
We’re sure this will do the trick for beginner triathletes as well as seasoned triathletes!
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