Brick Training Basics for Beginner Triathletes

Triathlon Event  I am three weeks away from my first sprint triathlon. I have been training and am able to do the distance in each of the individual sports fairly      comfortably. I havent really trained multiple sports at a time or super long distances. Would you recommend that in the next few weeks, or do most people just find a way to pull it all together on race day? My goal is to simply finish. .

Jessica from Pennsylvania

Triathlon Event  Hi Jessica,

Thank you for contacting!

For all of you reading this question who aren’t sure what Brick Training is, it’s a workout comprised of 2 of the 3 components of a triathlon in a day. You can do them back-to-back or you can do one in the morning and the other later on in the day.

One of the huge challanges in triathlon is moving from one leg to the next (i.e. swim to bike and bike to run). Brick Workouts are essential in training because each part uses a different set of muscles than the other and your body needs to learn how to adjust. This also builds your stamina.

Another reason to use bricks during your workouts is to guage your progress to see if you can, in fact, complete the event. If you can routinely complete brick workouts you can feel confident that your event day will be successful.

To answer your question, we suggest you try to do a few brick workouts before your Taper Week so that you can benefit from the info above. In case you’re not sure what a Taper Week is, it’s when you drastically cut your workouts down so that your body can build up all of it’s muscle and be as strong as it can for the race.

Just to cover our bases, you should already be able to work out for 2 hours without resting (roughly the tie for a mini-triathlon).

A quick biology lesson: When you work out, you create miniscule tears in your muscles. When you have rest days, the muscles build themselves back up stronger than before. When you work out for 6-9 months preapring for a triathlon and plan for your taper week, you get a whole week’s worth of muscle building so that you are as strong as you can be for the race. Be sure not to stop working out completely, but do slow scaled-down swim, or a light bike ride or jog — nothing too strenous, just enough to loosen and stretch the muscles youve been working so hard to achieve.

Be well.
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