Dieting and Triathlon Training

Triathlon Event   am starting my 8 month preparation for my first Triathlon in July. I attempted the same Tri last year but did not give myself enough time to work on my swimming. I have doubled my preparation time this year. I am also

combining the Zone diet with my training to help ensure I am keeping enough calories to progress into the higher distances/endurace. My question is on the Zone will I have enough energy for 530-6am trianing sessions? Do you know of anyone who has tried/ or is doing this combination?

Seth from Pennsylvania

Triathlon Event  Hi Seth,

Thank you for contacting!

Congratulations on deciding to make a second attempt at your goal. Way too many people have high aspirations in training for a triathlon, do not give themselves enough time to train and are disappointed with the results. Giving yourself 6-9 months, especially if you are a non-swimmer to start out with, will make a HUGE difference.

Regarding the Zone Diet, we are not nutritionists or doctors and none of us have tired it before, so we can’t answer that for you. We can say that triathlon training is tough and making sure your body has enough nutrition for fuel is a must, even if you are participating with the ultimate goal being weight loss. Balancing nutrition/calories, weight-loss solutions and a drastic lifestyle change is definitely a question for the professionals. We suggest that you shoot the Zone Diet people an email and ask them or simply call your doctor and ask. They can give you best information based on real facts.

Here are a few resource articles we found online regarding triathlon training and the Zone Diet:

We wish you only the best and hope to hear from you with any other questions along your training journey. And, of course, email us with your “First Triathlon Story.” It just may inspire one more person to try a triathlon.

Be well.
~Jack staff

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