Finding a Good Used Triathlon Bike

Triathlon Event  Great site, very helpful. Do you know of any web sites that deal with second hand tri-bikes? I’m just getting started and do not want to spend a ton of money yet. Thanks

Jeff from Maine

Triathlon Event  Hi Jeff,
Thank you for contacting and we appreciate the kind words regarding the website!

First off, great idea to go with a second-hand tri bike. For beginner triathletes, we always suggest second-hand or an inexpensive bike to start out with. Once they catch the tri bug, they can make a greater investment in the sport with a greater understanding of what they’re buying.

As for second-hand bike website, we only recommend going that route if you really know what you’re looking for in a bike. If that is the case, check out either of these wesbites:

  • Craigslist – Having local listings, you can arrange a test drive before you buy the bike.

  • Ebay – Most vendors are not local to you. You really need to trust that you have a good understanding of bikes if you go this route.

Our recommendation for triathletes and cyclists will always be to go to your local bike store (go small business) and talk to someone who can match your needs to the bike. The sales people are normally cyclists themselves and have extensive knowledge in the area. Most bike shops carry new, used and clearance bikes and we’re sure that they can find something great in your price-range. We googled “Bangor Used Bike Shops” for you and here’s what we found:

  • — These guys have rental bikes too!
  • L & J’s Bike Shop (no website)
    1074 School St
    Bangor, ME
  • – We know it’s a women’s bike website, but they list a variety of local bike shops on this page

Let us know how it goes and what route you end up taking. We’ll post it for the next person who may be looking for a good used bike shop in your area!

Be well.
~Jack staff Recommended Resources:


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