I am doing my first mini triathlon!!

Triathlon Event Ok..I am doing it..I am doing my first mini triathlon!! I am 48, in good physical shape and pumped to achieve my goal of finishing this event. I have read your website over and over and keep referring to it for information and inspiration. But I still have a few questions. First is about equipment and clothing. What exactly does one wear to these things? I am not sure if I should wear a one-piece swimsuit and put a shirt and shorts over it for the bike and run. Or does a two-piece work better? Don’t mean to be crass, but I hate wedgies and don’t want that to interfere with a good race!! As for a bike, what do you recommend for someone who may continue this but isn’t sure? I have the ability to purchase a new bike, but if I don\’t want to continue doing triathlons, I want a bike I can use on the road for general training. Any recommendations? I certainly do appreciate any suggestions you have. Thank you for your help.

Lynn M. from Pennsylvania

Triathlon Event  Hi Lynn,

Thank you for contacting and welcome to the world of triathlons!

These are some GREAT questions! We can certainly answer them for you.

What exactly does one wear to these things?

First, check out out “What to Wear for a Triathlon” section for all sorts of gear recommendations for the triathlon swim, bike and run. Seriously, check it out!

In a nutshell: You should probably wear your swim suit under a pair of sweats because it’s rather chilly at the hour these events normally start and there are no changing rooms when you get there. You should have the clothing you intend to wear for your bike and run laid out at your station so you can put them over your suit after the swim. Alternatively, there are plenty of people to complete the race in their bathing suits or they simply throw a pair of bike shorts on over them. It depends on the temperature of the day and your comfort ability. Be sure to wear clothing that wicks the moisture away from your body!

Or does a two-piece work better?

You could go either way. We’d suggest that you wear whatever is most comfortable. Maybe you could try them both out during one of your practices and make the decision from there. As for those pesky wedgies, everyone has to deal with them. Let the record show that it is not rude or impolite to pull out a wedgie on a bike or mid-stride — it’s par for the course and NO ONE is paying that close attention to you.

As for a bike, what do you recommend for someone who may continue this but isn’t sure?

We like the Trecs, but it’s always a tough call recommending a bike because there are so many great ones out there. We suggest that you go to your local bike shop and get their opinion. Don’t go to Walmart or a big chain store like that because they have no clue. We suggest that you go to the local bike shop that sells only bikes and has people with dirty hands working there. They are the ones that know EVERYTHING about bikes and want to give you good information so that you become one of their customers forever. They are good people and it’s always a good idea to buy from a small business.

We wish you great success in your new adventure and really hope you email us again telling us how you did. We can use your story to inspire others like yourself!

Be well.

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