Foot Blisters, Avoiding and Taking Care of Them

Triathlon Resource  Is your training being derailed by blisters on your feet? Check out the information we’ve posted below on how to avoid blisters by choosing the correct socks and sneakers as well as how to care for those nasty buggers!.

Kody from Louisiana

What is Causing your Blisters?

This is a great question and you have a few valid concerns.

Don’t immediately blame your sneakers. Most blisters are caused from ill-fitting socks rubbing against your feet. Nix your old socks first and grab some form-fitting moisture-wicking sock replacements. The form-fit will eliminate the irritation to your skin and the wicking-action will keep the moisture away.

If you’re still getting blisters, it’s your sneakers.

Fact: Sneakers last about 6 months when you’re training.
If you find yourself still getting blisters, go to a sports store with professionals who can watch your gait and recommend a sneaker that works specifically for you. Some runners run on the inside of their feet and some run on the outside of their feet. A proper sneaker geared towards straightening out your stride will not only help your foot-health, but it will save your knees and hips pain further down the line.

Getting Rid of Blisters:
OK, so you didn’t listen to our warning and have a mega-blisters on the bottom of your foot??? Here’s your shot at shortening the healing time:

    • Get Epsom salt and a bucket of hot water and soak your feet whenever you get a chance. It will draw the liquid out of them and heal the skin without causing infection; resist the urge to pick and poke them or the healing time will take longer and you risk an infection.
    • When you are out and about, wear cushiony medicated band-aids to lessen the pain and form-fitting moisture-wicking socks.

Do you have any remedies that you’d like to share? Send us your suggestions and we’ll share them with our readers. Recommended Resources:


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