Have I Trained Enough for My First Triathlon?

Triathlon Event  I am scheduled to do my first sprint triathlon next weekend. I’m not sure that I am ready for this. I have had hamstring tendonitis and a bulging disc in my lower back for 9 months now which has interfered with my training. I have run the distance before (3.1 miles). I just recently got into biking and have been on my bike a handful of times so I’m not completely comfortable on it. I am slow and the most I’ve biked is 10 miles (I need to do 15). I have taken swimming lessons but I did not swim 1/3 mile yet. My question is…am I just really unprepared d/t lack of training at the distances that I need? Should I just wait until next year? Sorry so long! I don’t want to be injured during the race due to lack of training but I also don’t want to talk myself out of something if the training that I mentioned is enough to get me through on race day. What do you think?

Jen from New Hampshire

Triathlon Event  Hi Jen,,
Thank you for contacting!

An injured body isn’t great when it comes time for performance, so we think you should probably sit out for this upcoming triathlon and set your sights on one for next year. This will give your body the time it needs to heal, which will allow the training to run a lot more smoothly and then the final results will be a lot more satisfying.

Let us know how it goes!

Be well.
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