Healthy Lifestyles Through Triathlons

Triathlon Event  I will be 45 in July, mother of 3, and a veterinarian. One of my lifetime goals has been to participate in (at least) a minitriathalon, and more recently to do it before turning 45. I used to run, but do more walking now. I grew up swimming (more for leisure, but a couple of years on a swimteam in high school), and I can ride a bike, but have never done it competitivley. Diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis run in my family (the arthritis is already setting in some), and I know being active will help prevent these health issues. I guess I just need some encouragement and guidance. My husband is supportive, but can you help, too? I need someone to push me out of the nest! Thanks for any advice/encouragement you can give me!

P.S. I found a minitriathalon at Lake Lanier on June 5th…is that too soon?
Pam from Georgia

Triathlon Event  Hi Pam,
Thank you for contacting and welcome to the sport!

We are thrilled to hear that you are using triathlons in your new healthy lifestyle and are excited to give you a push in the right directions. We’re not sure if you can properly train in time for June, but you can be the judge. We recently answered a similar question here: Triathlon Plan for a Healthy 2010. Check out that article to learn how to get started and email us with any questions.

Remember, check with your doctor first to make sure you are healthy enough before starting a training new regime (we’re required to say that).

If you need any words of encouragement along the way, simply emails us an update on how you’re doing and we’d be happy to reply with all sorts of reassurance and support!

Be well!

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