How to Cross the Finish Line

Article written by Niki Jamieson

Triathlon Event  So you’ve swam, you’ve biked and you’ve run. You are about 25 yards away from the finish line and are thinking, “There it is: The Finish Line!”

Now what?

You may think that this is a no-brainer and wonder why an entire article is dedicated to giving advice on how to cross a finish line. Well believe it or not, it’s not as easy as you think!

    • Don’t slow down. The race isn’t over yet

      I learned the hard way that the end of the race is just as important as all of the other parts of the race. I was coming to the end of my first triathlon and was so excited to cross the finish line. I started slowing down for a mental “pat on the back” and VROOM, three people passed me two seconds before I crossed the finish line. I have to say, as over-joyed as I was with finishing; being passed right at the finish line freaked me out!

    • Don’t start scanning the crowd for your fans

      Everyone crossing the finish line is tired and their reaction time is probably non-existent. Do everyone a favor and pay attention to where you’re going to avoid a five person pile-up at the finish line.

    • Don’t stop to take a picture

      If your wife or boyfriend is yelling for you to stop – DON’T stop abruptly! You never know who’s behind you and the status of their breaks. You could get rear-ended. If you want to get a picture before you cross the finish line, move over to the side and make sure no one’s behind you before you stop.

    • Do give it all you’ve got!

      If you have any left-over energy, throw it all into making a great finish. The spectators LOVE to see a strong finish and you will feel great knowing that you’ve given it 100%.

    • Do put your arms in the air

      …and wave them like you just don’t care! Act like the winner you are and finish with a great big smile! There is normally a race photogrgapher waiting to take YOUR picture — give him a great picture to take!
      (Don’t worry about stinky pits, none of the spectators will be close enough to get a whiff and the racers around you stink just as bad.)

    • Give back the timing devise

      This is not a souvenir. If you take it home, you will get a bill in the mail. There is normally a race official at the finish line with a container collecting the ankle bands. Make sure you drop it off first and then go celebrate!

We hope that the information above will help you have the greatest finish of all time! If you’ve given your all to the swim, bike and run, you owe it to yourself to have an equally fantastic finish. Recommended Resources:


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