I just finished my first mini-triathlon

Triathlon Event  I DID IT!!! I just finished my first mini-triathlon…with just a few bumps in the road. I had my goggles on top of my head ready to go and i was so nervous for the swim that I forgot to put them on my eyes!!! I freaked out and tried to put them on while swimming but it wasn’t worth it because I couldn’t see a thing. I freestyle stroked as much as I could and finally gave in and finished with a sidestroke so I could see where I was going! I had trouble getting on my bike because I was so nervous, but I did it and I cruised on the bike, going between 15 and 22 mph the whole way. The run proved to be a little difficult, but i finished it! My swim was 57 seconds (70 meters), my bike around 30 minutes (9.5 miles), and my run was around 14 minutes, giving me a grand total of about 47 minutes!!! I also finished first in my age division. All in all it was a great experience and I am so glad that I did it.

Kayla from Lafayette, LA

Triathlon Event  Hi Kayla,
Thank you for contacting again and congratulations on finishing your first mini-triathlon! What a fantastic story!!!

Nerves seem to be every newbie’s biggest challenge during their first triathlon event. The one nice thing about nerves is that they make the memories and story-telling so much more interesting than if you ran a perfect race.

Again congratulations and be proud that you successfully completed your first (of many, we hope) triathlons.
Be well,

Niki Jamieson

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