Is Walking Acceptable?

Triathlon Event I am 54 years old and am thinking of doing a mini triathlon in my area. I can swim and bike, but I have to walk fast instead of run because of knee problem. Is that considered acceptable?

Becky from Texas

Triathlon EventHi Becky,

Thank you for contacting!

Your question is very common as lots of people have issues with their knees and cannot run.

This is our take on it: Although you “can” walk during mini-triathlons, it’s best to train to jog or run it and walk only if you hit a tired patch. We feel that it’s respectful to the sport.

There are hybrid mini-triathlons popping up all over the place where they encourage walkers. It is normally listed in the event description. If it’s not, we suggest that you simply call the event organizers and ask them if walking is acceptable. They are really the final word on it.

We hope that our answer is helpful. Please let us know if you need help finding a race.

Be well,

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