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Triathlon Event  Hi, I’m doing my first triathlon next month, my training is going ok, but i’m a bit worried about the apparel. I don’t want to go all out, so I’m thinking of doing it in mid-thigh swim briefs and buying a tight-fit, nike spandex, water-wicking shirt. Will i be able to swim in my shirt (that is designed for running)?

Ken from Taiwan, R.O.C.

Triathlon Event  Hi Ken,
Thank you for contacting! Congrats on entering your first triathlon too!

Don’t be worried about the apparel end of the triathlon. You can compete in your first triathlon with minimum expense. We always suggest that newbies spend the entire race in their swim suits and add layers as they go. For instance, you wear just the swim suit for the swim and then add bike shorts over them for the bike leg. For the run, take off the bike shorts and either add running shorts or simply run in your swim suit. You can also add a form-fitting moisture-wicking shirt (like the nike one you mentioned above) for warmth that can be work through the bike and run.

We’re not sure why you’d want to wear a shirt for the swim, so consider waiting until after the swim to add it. If you’re thinking it might keep you warm, consider buying or borrowing a wetsuit for that.

We have a series of three articles outlining what triathlon apparel to wear for the swim, bike and run. Check it our for some great tips!

Be well.
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