Mini-Triathlons for Kids

Triathlon Event  I am 13 years old and have recently asked my parents if i could do a triathlon, they told me to try the mini one first. I can tell they believe i can’t and would really like to do one! Can you give me any tips for training for a triathlon, and helping me convince my parents i can do one? I’m thinking of training for a year or two first…

Lizzy from Colorado

Triathlon Event  Hi Lizzy!
Thank you for contacting and welcome to the mini-triathlon world!

Most of us here got into mini-triathlons around the age of 30, so we are thrilled to hear that a young lady of 13 is planning well in advance to participate in a mini-triathlon event.

So this is what we think:

  1. Where your parents have agreed to allow you to compete in a mini-triathlon, we think that they have confidence that you absolutely can do it! They were smart to request that you start with a mini-triathlon before going all-in on an Olympic or Ironman Distance. We give that advice to every TriathaNewbie that emails us asking about what distance to start with.

  2. If you still think that they are border line with their confidence in you, get a calendar and write out your plan for the month on it. Put the calendar on the fridge. Get a big, fat red marker and check off each day as you complete the scheduled training. As they begin to see the red check marks go on and on for months, their pride and confidence in you will grow by leaps and bounds.

  3. Watch a mini-triathlon event with your parents this summer. This will give you guys a chance to see what happens at one. Who knows, they might just be inspired to do one too! (Then you’ll have training buddies!!!)

  4. Sign up for a weekend training clinic or find a training group. We did some research online and found a coach in your area. Perhaps you can email her and ask her to suggest a training workshop. Unfortunately, we don’t have any recommendations from anyone in your area right now, BUT we’d love to hear back from you on your recommendations if you decide to sign up for some training.

We recommend these books if you want to do on your own:

We did some research online and found some event websites:

Let us know how it turns out! We’re sure that other kids and young adults would love to hear your story!

Be well,

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