My "First Triathlon" Story - Can't Wait for the Next One!

Triathlon Event   I am a 32 yr old business owner in Oklahoma City. 6 months ago I began training for an adventures race with my sister, unfortunately that race was cancelled, but I decided to continue training. Entered a few small runs,and a mountain bike race.

I then decided to take it to the next level and try a triathlon. I was most nervous about the swimming portion. being that my only swimming experience came from floating on a boat in a lake.But after encouragement from wife and daughter, I signed up for a sprint triathlon, 450meter swim, 11 mile bike and 5k run. on race day I was pumped. the swim was in a 50 meter pool so I launched from the edge paddling wildly only to take in a gulp of water about 30 meters in. I then decided that to prevent drowning I should slow down. finally after 12 mins I crawled out of pool and ran to transition area.

At this point I saw at least a dozen bikes left on racks and I was inspired that I wasn’t last! so i hop onto my borrowed road bike, since I only ride mtn bikes, and begin to ride. the 11 mile course was a 5.5 mile out and back. the first half was almost all downhill and had about 20-25 mph wind at my back. I was absolutely flying downhill,about 25 mph not even peddling.Then at bottom of hill I turned around and began the ascend back up. it was grueling. uphill wind in my face, in lowest gear, just barely times I wanted to stop and rest,but just then i would pass someone and keep peddling.

Finally after what seemed like hours, actually 42 mins, I reached top of hill and hit transition area. I quickly changed gear and started the final running portion. my legs felt like jello, but i knew this was my strongest event. so I began running, and much to my surprise I slowly began passing people, and became more encouraged. I knew I was far from the leader, but my goal was to complete the whole race without stopping. so I kept trucking. and just as the sun was beating me down and vision was getting blurry, i saw the finish line, and people began cheering. it was an AWESOME feeling! i picked up pace and finished strong. Pushing thru and not stopping was my goal and it felt great to reach it.

It took me 1hr 23 mins total, and i came in 26th out of 57 people. though i didn’t bring home any medals, I felt proud of myself. and cannot wait till next one in coming in 45 days. now I just need to learn to swim faster.

Thanks for reading,and good luck in you race,

Travis from Oklahoma

Triathlon Event   Hi Travis,

Thank you for contacting and congratulations on competing and finishing your first triathlon — well done!

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Thanks for sending us your story. We’re sure it will help inspire one more person to get off of their couch and try a triathlon!

Be well.

Niki Jamieson

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