My "First Triathlon" Story - I will do some more novice races

Triathlon Event   Hello Niki,

I did my first triathlon at the weekend and completed it in under an hour. I didn’t want to spend much before the race incase it wasn’t for me, so I wore my swimming costume and put baggy cycling shorts and a running top over them.

I loved it so much, i’ve signed up for another one next month!! Two members of my family have also been inspired to ‘try tri’! Going to invest in a tri suit for the future to speed up transitions.

I will do some more noviceraces and willstart doing sprint distance next year. Thanks for your ‘what to wear’ article – lots of great tips and advice. I struggled with the transition from cycle to running – any tips on how to strengthen my run would be great. I hadn’t anticipated how tired I would be following the other two disciplines!

Many thanks

Laura from UK

Triathlon Event   Hi Laura,

Thank you for contacting and thanks for the follow up!

Congratulations on competing and finishing your first triathlon — well done!

Regarding some tips on improving your running, we suggest that you back off a bit on your biking to gain some momentum for the run. It will give your your muscles and cardio a bit of a rest and you should have more energy for the run. The other option is to training harder to gear up your cardio and leg muscles to sustain a solid run. It’s really a matter of how much intensity you want to put into your training.

Regarding some tips on improving your bike to run transistion (T2), let us know what obstacles you ran into and we’ll see if we have help.

Here are the basics:

If you are wearing a trisuit, all you have to do is take off your cap, goggles and wetsuit (if you have on one). Then you grab your sunglasses, helmet and bike…and off you go!

If you have on a swim suit, you throw on a pair of bike shorts, top and sun glasses, grab your helmet and bike…and off you go!

Oh, we forgot to write in the email back to you….be sure you have your number attached!!!!

Be well.

Niki Jamieson

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