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My first Triathlon was last summer. I read this website and it really helped me out! I didn’t do very well for my first Race because of swimming and running but I knew I just HAD TO FINISH! No doubt in my mind that I would keep training and start my journey to the Ironman Triathlon World championships in Kona Hawaii. This is my main goal.

I now have been cycling 3 years, swimming 2 1/2 years, and running 1 year. I am very good at all three legs of the race now and started to enjoy training instead of it being a waste of my time. I just needed to get my head together.

If you are even thinking about starting triathlon ABSOLUTELY GO FOR IT!! It is a great atmosphere to get into with people from all different places. Some race to compete and others for fun and there own challenge. Read this website because it will really help you on your way to great success in this sport. IT SURE HELPED ME!!

Brice from Nevada

Hi Brice,

Thank you for contacting and congratulations on competing in your first triathlon striving to reach your Kona goal! With all of that determination, we know you’ll get there!

We also really appreciate the kind words you have regarding the site. Our goal is merely to help beginer triathletes, who think the sport is only for Ironman and women, to see that the average Joe and Jane CAN DO IT!

Thanks for your testimonial. We’re sure it will inspire more people to give a triathlon a try!

Be well,

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