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Off Season Cross Training!

Triathlon Event  Cross training for triathlon may sound crazy. We already train for three sports, aren’t we are already cross training? Yes, we are doing three sports. However, by challenging yourself outside of swimming, cycling and running there is much to gain. By cross training you will enhance your fitness, prevent boredom and stay motivated during the off season. Here are a few suggestions for cross training as a triathlete:

✗ Aerobic rowing machine – Spend 10-30:00 using the rowing machine. Emphasize great posture and pulling your scapulae (shoulder blades) together with each repetition. Triathletes use so much flexion, it can be a huge benefit to balance it out with repetitive extension activity on the rowing machine. Plus it is an excellent full body workout.

✗ Stair Master (the one with the moving stairs) – This machine is a great way to improve your hip strength. Do this machine at a moderate aerobic effort emphasizing using your hip flexors to step up and pushing off with your foot before it leaves the disappearing step. For an added challenge try stepping up sideways at an easy pace while holding the handles for safety. This machine has great crossover for running.

✗ Cross Country Skiing – The snow has not started yet, but surely it is on it’s way. Cross country skiing is possibly the most aerobically demanding cross training that you can do. Plus it is a great all over strengthener. One of my favorite challenging winter workouts is a brick – 45:00 of skiing followed by 45:00 running outdoors.

✗ Strength Training – Be sure to lift for success as a triathlete, not a body builder. Emphasize full body movements, single leg strength training, and your core. Also work on sports specific strength by running hills, using challenging cycling gears on key sets, and pulling with paddles in the pool. If you need ideas or motivation, please join us for our Tri Faster Challenge Boot Camp on Sundays.

I promise that if you step outside o your swim, bike, run comfort zone – you WILL benefit. Cross my heart! Recommended Resources:


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“Triathlete Profile
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Triathlon Swimming Made Easy: The Total Immersion Way for Anyone to Master Open-Water Swimming

There are so many books written on how to swim, but this book can not only teach a brand new swimmer how to swim, but it can take an experienced swimmer and reteach a stroke that is much more effortless and smooth. A staff member, who is a veteran swimmer, has begun using this technique in her workouts and has found that her core is stronger, her pull and kick are more efficient and is looking forward to using these techniques in her upcoming triathlons. Although the book is well written, we recommend that you purchase the DVD as a visual companion. The drills and techniques are much easier to understand — almost as easy as having a personal coach on deck explaining and demonstrating them!

Editor’s note: Our staff member, who swam the 2004 MA Danskin .75 miles in 00:10.42 with great effort, was able to swim the 2005 MA Danskin .75 miles in 00:10.32 with very little effort using the Total Immersion techniques learned from the book and DVD above. The energy she saved from the swim was used to improve her bike time. Congrats!!!

There are Newbies Starting Triathlons Every Day. Today Just Happens to be YOUR Day!