Open Water Triathlon Swim (video)

Triathlon Event  We thought that these were great videos on how to swim in open water– We know you’ll love them too!

Triathlon Swimming Made Easy: The Total Immersion Way for Anyone to Master Open-Water Swimming

There are so many books written on how to swim, but this book can not only teach a brand new swimmer how to swim, but it can take an experienced swimmer and reteach a stroke that is much more effortless and smooth. A staff member, who is a veteran swimmer, has begun using this technique in her workouts and has found that her core is stronger, her pull and kick are more efficient and is looking forward to using these techniques in her upcoming triathlons. Although the book is well written, we recommend that you purchase the DVD as a visual companion. The drills and techniques are much easier to understand — almost as easy as having a personal coach on deck explaining and demonstrating them!

Editor’s note: Our staff member, who swam the 2004 MA Danskin .75 miles in 00:10.42 with great effort, was able to swim the 2005 MA Danskin .75 miles in 00:10.32 with very little effort using the Total Immersion techniques learned from the book and DVD above. The energy she saved from the swim was used to improve her bike and run times. Congrats!!! Recommended Resources:

  • Read this funny account of a staff member’s first triathlon swim to Martha’s Vineyard while the rest of the race was heading to the first buoy.

  • Triathlon Swim – What is “Spotting”? – “Spotting” is a term used to describe the process of staying on track in an open water swim. Not knowing how to “spot” can have you swimming in the wrong direction, wasting time and energy that can be better utilized in the bike and run.

  • The Gun: What to do at the start – Wetsuit, goggles and swim cap on, you are anxiously standing in the sand looking through the sea of participants waiting for your turn. You’ve never done a mini-triathlon and, frankly, you are nervous about all of those people charging into the water at the same time. What should you do?

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