Prescription Goggle Recommendations

Triathlon Event  I wrote in a while back asking for suggestions for prescription goggles. I looked at your links and did lots of research on my own but could not find a pair I liked. So I did something a little different for prescription goggles. Turns out I can’t do contacts because my eyes are too sensitive, and I can’t do the step diopters because my astigmatism is to great. So $300 prescriptions were the option.

But since I have a small triathlon budget and wanted to upgrade to a better bike than the $99 Wal Mart Special that I rode last year, I opted for a little DIY solution to the goggles. When I got my glasses last year, they were having a buy one get one free sale, so I got a spare pair of glasses that I was supposed to use in the shop. They have safety plastic lenses. I rarely wear them since I forget to change glasses when I go work in my shop, so they are like new. I popped the lenses out and used a Dremel grinder to grind them to the correct shape to fit into my Speedo Vanquishers. A little dab of glue to hold them in place and … Tada! Custom prescription goggles that I can wear like glasses from when the transition area closes to when I get back there after the swim! They work great, and I can finally SEE in the water, and swim for hours if need be without headaches or nausea! Best part – saved the $300 on the prescription goggles. So looks like I get to do the bike upgrade this season after all!

Attached are pictures of the new prescription Vanquishers, A pic of me wearing the Barracuda’s ( I got them without prescription to see if I liked them since they don’t let you return prescription goggles. I think the white foam eye pads made me look like an 80’s reject that Elton John would be ashamed to see… so the third pic is Eltons reaction to the goggles.

Yet another way to keep the cost down so I can use the money to enter more triathlons!

Happy Training,

John from Minnesota

Triathlon Event  Hi John,
Thank you for contacting!

Thank you for the follow-up on the prescription goggles. It’s really great to see some ingenuity these days with the prices sky-rocketing the way they are and, no, we think Elton would be jealous rather than ashamed. You look MARVELOUS!

Be well.
~ Niki staff
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