Purely for Self Gratification and Accomplishment

Triathlon Event  I have just registered for a triathlon that is about 5 wks away. 1 mile swim, 25mile bike, 6 mile run. I am in the military. I run 3-6 miles 3 times a week. I am 5, 11″ 185 lbs. I eat healthy. I dont smoke or drink. I lift weights about 5-6 times a week and take several dietary supplements. I am a good runner due to several years in the army. My training plan is pretty vague. I plan to start training in two days. Plan: hour spin class twice a week, 5 mile run twice a week, swim as much a possible on the weekend. I currently dont swim or bike, but am decent at both. Im not trying to win or even place. I am deploying to iraq for my second combat tour with the infantry. This is something I want to do purely for self gratification and accomplishment. I guess my only question is do you think I will be able to finish. I would highly appreciate any advice or insight. Thank you very much.

Jim from Washington

Triathlon Event  Hi Jim,
Thank you for contacting!

First of all, let us thank you for serving our country, not just once, but twice! It’s great to have a mini-triathlon goal for yourself – especially where you are constantly doing much more dangerous tasks for other people.

You sound like you are in great shape for the bike and the run, but we normally throw caution out to swimmers who have a very aggressive swim training timeline. As it looks, you will have only 4 practice sessions between now and then and, honestly, that doesn’t sound like enough time to complete a safe mile swim. One way to be sure is by testing your self with a couple of bricks between now and then. Swim a mile and then hop on your bike for a 15 mile bike. If you feel like you can bike another 10 miles and run 6, then we say “go for it”. If not, then maybe you could find another event when you return from Iraq.

Please email us and let us know how it goes. If we don’t hear from you, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers for a safe tour.

Be well,

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