Racing with your Ipod

Triathlon Event  I did my first indoor trathlon this winter and did quite well and got hooked!! Training now for my first outdorr triathlon in Sept. I listen to music always when I train and listened to it for the bike and run part of the indoor race. I am now getting nervous I will not perform as well outdoors without it. Does anyone ever do races with ipod? Is it even allowed? Any adivice? Thanks

P.S. Love your training workout for 1st timers.

Heather from New York

Triathlon Event  Hi Heather,
Thank you for contacting and thank you for your kind words regarding the website. Congrats on getting hooked!!!

Listening to any music device is prohibited by USAT during racing. The reason why you were allowed to use it during your indoor triathlon is because you were running on a treadmill and cycling on a stationary bike, we assume. Otherwise it’s really dangerous. Although wonderful to pass time and inspire, music seriously impairs your senses, especially on a bike.

We suggest that you only listen to music while you are running and even try a few runs without it. This way, you will be prepared if you decide to compete in an outdoor triathlon.

Be well,

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