Sneakers in the UK?

Triathlon Event  Hi, Do people wear sneakers in uk?
What are the pros and cons I should be looking out for? Any help appreciated. I really appreciate your help.

Peter from UK

Triathlon Event  Hi Peter,
Thank you for contacting!

This is a tough question because we’re not 100% sure what you’re referring to. We’re going to be wise-guys and say:

  • No, people in the UK do not wear sneakers for the swim.
  • Yes, people from the UK do wear sneakers during the run. Check out our “What to Wear” section for sneaker recommendations.

…and then smirk.

For the bike, you can wear sneakers with your regular pedals or basket pedals. If you want to ditch the sneakers, you can buy clips for your bike and wear bike shoes that clip into them. It really depends how invested you are in the sport. If it’s your first mini triathlon, go with the sneakers and regular pedals or basket pedals. Once you find you’re hooked, you can invest in the clips. You can find our recommendations for specific gear on our “What to Wear” section.

If this doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to email us again and we’ll take another stab at it.

Be well.

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