Sore Leg Muscles While Training

Triathlon Event  I have been training for a sprint triathlon and my leg muscles are constantly sore and tired and I only have 2 weeks before the triathlon. I figured they would feel strong by now but every time I go to workout now, my legs just feel sore and tired. Am I not eating enough protein? I have been having this problem for about 3 weeks and figured it was just because I was doing more, but it should be gone by now? Please help!

Julie from Washington

Triathlon Event  Hi Julie,
Thank you for contacting!

Lots of people run into this issues and there are a few solutions we have for you to try (not knowing the specifics of your training)

  1. Try drinking more water. Muscles need lots of water when they are training. If you aren’t drinking enough, your muscles will get sore and cramp.
  2. Rest. If you are trying to train on your own, be sure to have one rest day so that your muscles can relax and rebuild. It might be a bit late now, but consider using one of our recommended triathlon training guides for your next triathlon and they will have the rest day built into the training regime.
  3. Talk to you doctor or physical therapist. If you’ve tried the two options above and you see no improvement, see if an expert can take a look at how you run and how the muscles are working in your legs. They can evaluate your gait and tell you if your are moving correctly. It could be structural.

Let us know how it goes!

Be well.
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