Training Groups in Hillcrest KZN, South Africa

Triathlon Event Hi there,
I’m a mom in Hillcrest KZN, South Africa looking for anyone else in the area that are already training or thinking of training for a triathlon.

I’ve never competed in running, swimming or cycling before (not sure if the ladies Spar 10Km challenge qualifies (-:)
I have a bicylce, nothing fancy but it has gears and I have a pool and should have access to a pool (local school pool will have to do for now).

I’m looking for like minded people and hopefully someone with some experience that would be able to help us out regarding training and eating etc. I have competed in body building before but that was 11 years ago and before children (now 7 and 9 years old).

It’s time for me to do something for me and this is something I was interested in trying.
Hope you have some SA groups on your website.


Triathlon Event  Hi Lee-Ann,
Thank you for contacting!

We are so excited to hear that you are entering the triathlon world. What an exciting time! We will post your add on the website and list your email address for interested persons to contact you directly. We will also see what we can find in your neck of the woods for training groups.

In the mean time, please keep in touch and let us know how your new adventure turns out!
Be well.
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