Sprint, Olympic or Ironman Distance for a First-timer

Triathlon Event  Hi! I’m interested in completing my first triathlon. I’m an avid runner, biker and competitive soccer player. I would need to work more on my swimming. I was considering the Chicago sprint triathlon but didn’t know if it would be outrageous to consider the international distance. Should I stick with the sprint and then do an international after more practice?

Rebecca M. from Chicago, IL

Triathlon Event  Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for contacting with such a great question.

Our recommendation will always be to start off with a Sprint triathlon before trying Olympic or Ironman distances. Where you have never done one before, a sprint triathlon can really give you a good sense as to what it’s all about without being to overwhelming to train for or compete in.

Please take the time to get proficient with the swim for safety reasons.
It’s the only leg of the race that can be especially dangerous if you don’t train properly for it, and we really want to hear from you again with the success story of your first triathlon!

If you decide to take on an Olympic or Ironman distance, you might want to find a gym or local triathlon training team to hook up with. Nothing is better than working with the people who train everyday if you want to be completely prepared and feel confident about your event.

Let us know how it goes!

Be well,

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